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My Three Seeds of Joy

Marlika D.

Southeast Michigan

Thank you for your interest in MY THREE SEEDS OF JOY!


  1. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing your story! You are encouraging and inspiring to say the least! I wanted to share a remedy with you that has saved mine and many other lives that I personally know about. I know Mahogany Homemaker mentioned "Green Juices" as a way of healing and I wanted to really encourage you to seek that out. Long story short, I have gone through a transformation, by the grace of God to allowing my body do what it was meant to. It's amazing the power God has given our bodies when we feed it what it needs! My life was changed about 11 years ago by a man named Gil. He was a terminal cancer patient in NY hospital and had about 2 months to live (or so they He was pumped with chemo, antibiotics and more meds daily just to keep him alive. He had sores all over his body as a result of the medicines and other ailments of the body. A buddy of his came by to see him that was a raw foodist and suggested (as if he had any other alternatives!) trying to juice for the remainder of his time in the hospital. He took him up on his offer. Green juices only with colonics daily. Can I tell you he was in remission in ONE MONTH's time. He gained energy, his sores were healing and doctors didn't understand! 3 months after that he was WALKING OUT OF THE HOSPITAL never to look back to cancer again! He continues a .raw food lifestyle to this day eating anthing that's grown juicing most times. When I met him I had severe arthritis in my knees and no cartilage in my right knee. I hadn't been able to run for years, walking was painful and my bones literally rubbed together when I walked. Doctors told me I would have to have a knee and hip replacement by the time I was 30! I was 27 at the time, modeling in NYC. Well, Gil told me he could help me but it would call for DRASTIC measures if I was up to it. I had been a vegetarian already, but not eliminating necessary foods from my diet would eventually land me in bad shape. I took him up on his offer, began juicing green juices regularly, slowly cutting out certain mucous building food (essentially the cause of many diseases) and doing colonics weekly for the first 3 months. So I went to my orthopedic and guess rejuvenation!! Not only was that a benefit, but my skin, my immune system, and so many other things were in FABULOUS health! Anywho, sorry to go on so long but I felt I had to share my story with you in order for you to see the real benefit that something like this could do for your situation. It's drastic and takes commitment, but I know you could do it and reap the benefits being pain-free and perhaps even disease free! Much love to you and your family honey and I'll keep you in my prayers!

  2. You are an awesome mom and God bless you.We will start our home education journey this fall, although I want to pull them out like yesterday my hubby feels it's best to wait until they finish and for me to take time to plan. I also feel that the public school system has just been sweeping my kids along leaving them with major gaps. I have 6 children 3 girls and 3 boys grades k-8. If I can just catch on to a little of what you've been able to do, I know I'll be just fine. Thank you for inspiring me, watching your videos has put me at ease for some reason so again thank you for sharing a piece of your homeschooling adventures with us!

  3. Marlika,

    I watched your videos on YouTube and I am totally inspired by your story. Thank you for having the guts to share it. I am an educator who has decided to homeschool my last two children and I have a fear that I might not be adequate enough either. But after watching your video, I know that fear is of the devil and not of God.

    I am educating myself by following different blogs, reading books, watching videos, etc. I will DO this one way or the other. I am concerned about the loss of income but "where HE guides....He will provide."

    Thank you again and I look forward to more tips from you!

  4. Thank you for your "raw" you tube video. We are brought up not to really question authority, or those, who are "educated" via conventional means. It made me chuckle when the school questioned me if "I was sure I could handle homeschooling". My response was "well, I cannot do any worse than this school has done already, so I will take my chances". I think what we forget, is that with all new things/new processes, there is a period of adjustment, and growth. It is natural to feel "insecure" about traveling into uncharted/unknown territory. Especially when it comes to our children! We want what is best for them, and so in all honesty, we do not want to fail ourselves,nor them. I am so happy with your success, and I truly thank you from my heart. Because, it was videos, and blogs like yours that actually gave me the courage to step off the road most traveled, onto the road less traveled. Best decision I ever made. God Bless. :)