Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Taste Test Tuesday: Lafayette vs American

Today we decided to venture downtown to try a couple of restaurants that have been Motown favorites for years. I have lived in Michigan all my life and never visited either of these two establishments. Both have been featured on the Travel Channel series called "Food Wars" and "Man vs Food Nation: Detroit."

The prices were similar at both locations. The biggest difference is the menu items offered.

After trying each restaurant it was time for each of us to cast our vote. Three of us chose Lafayette Coney Island and two chose American Coney Island. I personally liked Lafayette chili sauce better.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Dave & Busters

A new Dave & Busters locations opened recently close to our home. So we decided to meet up with some family members and check it out. The boys really enjoyed themselves and like that it's closer for them to frequent.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Busy Month of December

We have had a really fun and busy month. We had our first big snow storm of the year. The boys were really excited to see all the white stuff, me not so much. They bundled up and went snow sledding and had a few snow ball fights.
We also had another homeschooling family join us in making holiday treats. We baked homemade sugar cookies and decorated them. The kids made a big mess and had a lot of fun.
They also made caramel wrapped pretzels dipped in chocolate.
The boys and I helped make ornaments for a local nursing home Christmas tree after speech class this month.
Jaedan and Malik read lots of Christmas themed books. These two books were our favorite books to read.
We attended our coops christmas concert and art show. Jaedan made this wonderful paper mâché dog.
My highschooler really applied himself this semester and achieved grades worthy of kisses and hugs from his mommy. My other two students did an awesome job in their studies.
God really shined on us this year and we are truly greatful to have His favor in our lives.
I made Christmas cards for the first time this year. I like the way most of them turned out.
This guy right here is the love of my life. I could not do what I do without my husbands support.
Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful month. We really accomplished a lot this semester in our homeschool. I look forward to what next semester and year has in store for us.


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Planner Pages

With the first part of the school year slowly coming to an end. I decided I want to make some changes to my homeschool planner. If I'm organized things tend to flow much easier. With the new year approaching this was the perfect time to start a new schedule. I have been sick with a bad cold so I had some free time to play around with my planner templates.  I copied a lot of the designs and made them my own. But I was missing the one key thing that I really needed a grade tracker.  So today I played around with MS Word and made these below. I really like the way the came out.

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