Friday, September 12, 2014

The Density of Liquids Experiment

1. First, Bennett measured the mass of the graduated cylinder.

2. Next, he measured out 50.0 mL of syrup. Next he put the graduated cylinder (with the syrup in it) back on the scale and measure the total mass.

3. Now that he had the mass of the table syrup, and knew that its volume was 50.0 mL (because that's what he measured out), he divided the mass by the volume to get the density. Finally, he poured the syrup into the tall glass. He repeated this procedure for both the water and the vegetable oil.

4. Once he measured the density of all three substances, look at the tall glass. You should
see that the table syrup is all at the bottom of the glass, the water forms a layer above
that, and the vegetable oil is all in one layer on top!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Homeschool Gym Class

Recently the boys had gym outside. They did lots of stretching and basketball drills.

They also did laps around the parking lot in forward and reverse. In all it was a great class and the boys enjoyed it.

Lego Robotics

This year Jaedan and Malik joined a Lego Robotics Team. I am really excited about this years World Challenge. I look forward to them learning the EV3 software.