Sunday, August 30, 2015

Makers Lab Relocation and Update

This school year I decided to relocate our S.T.E.M supplies to our dining room. Last year every thing was upstairs in our makers lab closet organized but not easy to access. Now I feel we can be more productive with our learning. 

My boys are kinesthetic learners which means they learn through touching, feeling, experiencing the material at hand. Their education is more a hands-on approach; with manipulatives and other "props" incorporated into almost all our school subjects. 

Our makers lab is equipped with the latest technology and constantly being updated. I consider reading and research a part of my job description among other things. I really enjoy learning with my boys as I have always had a love for technology. 

For this school year we purchased a XYZprinting Da Vinci 1.0 3D Printer. I look forward to teaching the boys the fundamentals as their adventure in the 3D world begins. 

 Below are a few of things we have printed so far.

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I am happy to report we are transitioning our oldest son Ben from home school to college. Ben is a senior this year and will be dual enrolled in classes this fall at our local community college. We are extremely proud of him for passing the Compass Test.

I know some may say that the compass test is not that big of a deal. But in our house on our journey it is major.

This journey has not been an easy one. It was filled with good days and bad day. So thankful that God did not allow us to give up on our son and gave us much direction.

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Summer Update

Summer wood shop class with daddy.

We attended Makers Faire Detroit.

I was taught the art of Japanese Cooking.

The food was so amazing.

I had some wonderful lunch dates with friends.

Geocaching Fun

I prepared this meal for my oldest 17th birthday.

Some crafts that were made this summer.

I hosted a few craft classes in our home.

 They all did a fantastic job.

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