Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Perler Beads Creations

We enjoy lots of crafts but perler beads has definitely become one of our favorites because it is fast, fun, easy and inexpensive to do. It's a craft that you can enjoy while watching the TV or listening to music and it can be enjoyed for a spare half hour or many hours as you wish. 

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Apple Camp 2014

Jaedan attended Apple Camp where he learned everything he needed to create his own movie. He storyboarded his ideas, shot video, created an original soundtrack in GarageBand on his iPad, and then edited it all together in iMovie on a Mac.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

July Update

Celebrating my husbands 50th Birthday. Stairwell covered in 50 things I love about him. At the end of the notes I was waiting with dinner. #cherishingthemoments #appreciatingwhatihave #heloveditall #blessed

I spent the morning cooking and decorating everything turned out perfect.

The boys went in for their yearly checkup. I remember when they use to sit in car seats on the table. Well they all checked out fine. #yearly #lovetheirdoctor #healthykids #tabletosmall #mythreeseedsofjoy

A friends son who is a sub-director of a sword fight scenes company visiting from Japan teaches the boys some sword techniques. #samurai #japanesedreams #japaneseculture #homeschoolingyearround #homeschoolingboys #mythreeseedsofjoy

Malik celebrated his 14th Birthday we enjoyed dinner out and a movie as a family.

Celebrating Independence Day with friends. #memoriesmade #greatfood #pooltime #familytime